Avasar Equity Limited is a Private Equity/Venture Capital Fund Manager licensed by Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON). The company is  promoted by Siddhartha Bank, Sanima Bank, Kumari Bank, Nepal Bank, prominent personalities from diverse business sectors of Nepal and highly experienced professionals.

We are an investee-centric organization driven by our commitment to help our investee companies achieve their maximum potential. We support the long-term success of our investee companies operating in various industries by connecting them to an array of resources.


Our Mission

Our mission is to find and fund exceptional Nepalese entrepreneurs and turn their innovative and visionary business ideas into reality.

Future - Oriented


In today’s dynamic and competitive business environment, retaining current status is not enough. In order to thrive and prosper in an ever-changing economy and emerge as a market leader and innovator, companies should constantly pursue visionary growth strategies. Implementing those strategies require extensive resources which are often inaccessible. This is where Avasar Equity Limited comes in and supports your organizational vision.


Avasar Equity Limited supports ambitious and visionary organizations to achieve their organizational goals by connecting them to extensive resources. We are equipped with expertise and experience essential to support your long-term success and turn your vision into reality.


Our values guide our investment approach and drive us to continuously strive for excellence.


Many businesses are unable to unlock their true potential because they lack access to finance, industry expertise, business network, and other resources. Avasar Equity aims to eliminate these barriers and create an inclusive economy by increasing Nepalese businesses’ access to infrastructures which are essential to their long-term growth.


We aim to maximize value for all our stakeholders. Avasar Equity not only focuses on financial returns but also aims at improving various business metrics that are imperative for our investee’s long-term success.


We hold ourselves to high standards to ensure integrity and accountability at all levels to protect our stakeholders. We expect similar work ethic from all our stakeholders. We create “win-win” relationships built on trust.


By aligning our expertise with investee’s needs, Avasar Equity aims to catalyze synergy effects that elevate our investee company’s growth and injects innovative spirit in their business model.


We adopt an agile business approach and enable our clients to design proactive business frameworks that help them predict market movements and quickly respond to unforeseen changes in the economy.


We are an investee-centric organization and will always go above and beyond to cater to our investee’s needs. By connecting our investees to extensive internal and external resources, we ensure our investee’s success at every stage.

Our Ecosystem